What is ESLoop?

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NOTE: If you got here by mistake looking for sailing information at "eSloop" and not English as a Second Language information at "ESLoop", you probably want eSloop.com.

ESLoop began in 1996 as the first of what would become many Webrings, using software by Sage Weil. As Geocities and later Yahoo! bought the Webring, many changes were made that became more and more onerous, particularly regarding advertising. Thus, we've created our own Webring-type system, so that we could run the ESLoop without advertising and without forcing our users to give up the personal information (such as age and gender) which seem to be required by Yahoo! for membership in their incarnation of the Webring system. This site, ESLoop.org, is here to host the software which runs the original ESLoop. You can even set up your own "Loop", and create your own ring of linked pages on your own favorite topic, if you wish.

The ESLoop was intended to be a broad sampling of ESL/EFL related sites on the Internet, to give you ideas about what you might like to do with your own pages, or just to see some of the resources out there. For information on the original ESLoop, please go to the Original ESLoop Homepage. The ESLoop is not the be-all and end-all of ESL/EFL-related pages, nor does it attempt to link all ESL/EFL-related pages. Its intention is simply to give you a more linear way of browsing, to help with demonstrations, and to form a fun association of those with ESL pages on the web.

We are always interested in your feedback.

Thank you for your interest in ESLoop! Please feel free to submit any comments.

ESLoop is sponsored by The Linguistic Funland TESL